Dream Foundation – “The audacity to dream for mankind”

There is no place where our dreams have more power than when we face the reality that our lifetime is limited.
This is the place where we are able to find our highest purpose, our greatest satisfaction and our deepest peace.

We are born and we die, yet through the realisation of our boldest dreams we reach out beyond our lifetime to give ourselves to those who live on and to future generations. The lasting presence of our unique contribution to humanity, given in a way that creates concrete, certain and lasting value.

We exist for dreamers to impact the future of humanity

The Dream Foundation is the living system for whose dreams would otherwise be lost to mankind. We empower our dreamers to envisage audacious dreams, which, when realised, impact the future of humanity, life and the world.

The Dream Foundation creates, nurtures and grows innovation enterprises, global movements, and global projects to fulfil these remarkable dreams. Realisation of the boldest dreams of the human spirit is our gift to all people.

Dream Foundation Dedication
When people are given the chance to shine their light they will inevitably shine so brightly that others get to fulfill their dreams. One such person was my mother, Valerie Tristram whose sole purpose, it always appeared, was to bring love and joy to people. Her laughter and smile will echo in our memories for lifetimes.

I dedicate the purpose of Dream Foundation to her name, and rejoice in the fact that her life will be remembered as one which transformed the lives of those she touched. Like the butterfly, she had no idea how beautiful she was, nor did she truly know the extent to which her wings extended her compassion, empathy and love into the world. We all have this possibility inside us, we simply need an advocate for our Dream to be realised.

Lisa Tristram