About Dream Foundation

Who We Are

Our role as innovators

To serve our Dreamers is our rare privilege and challenge. We therefore continuously strive to embody the creativity, compassion and nobility of the human spirit.

We are mindful of what it is to be human, and the unwanted circumstances and misfortune we deal with. We see people as fundamentally decent, having good intention, as social creatures, and ultimately having  powerful creativity and nobility that leads to what is great in our civilisation.

Innovation culture of the dream
At personal or societal level, in the midst of the disorder, chaos, disruption, and complexity of today’s world, we are the pathfinders to have our beneficiaries’ Dreams fulfilled over time.

We continuously find ourselves on new ground, where there are no proven formulae, where our open hearts and imagination lead us to new discoveries. We are systems thinkers and a learning organisation at heart. We work with individuals and the highest self expression of a human life, across the full spectrum of humanity to our civilisation.

As leaders of innovation, we design and build enterprises, create movements and global projects for our Dreamers. We find those who share our values to team up with, and create extraordinary cultures, where people gain satisfaction while applying their mastery from the sciences, business and the arts. We embrace agile and lean approaches and the capacity of communities to facilitate market research, raise social awareness and experimentation.

Our creativity, compassion and nobility of spirit is what we draw on when we face the really hard problems, the resistance to change, vested interest, and systemic injustice and inequality. Our commitment to succeeding to giving life to Dreams that will prevail over lifetimes is far greater than any challenges we may face along the way.

Community and network peer focus and origins
A major asset of Dream Foundation is a peer network of like minded souls who have accomplished much in corporations, industries and entire markets as leaders, designers, developers and coaches.

We have an excellent group of supporters and contributors at the forefront of Agile-Lean-Transformation-Leadership in the Bay Area of San Francisco. Also amongst our friends and supporters are those who built financial markets, are leading and radical fund/hedge fund managers, economic thinkers who wish to restore wealth to communities.

Dream Foundation has a role in orchestration of this enormous talent pool into projects that enrich communities, and create worth file futures.


Our Beneficiaries
The beneficiaries of Dream Foundation are people who have faced adversity. We see that in respecting and supporting them to overcome this adversity, they can not only achieve self sufficiency, for themselves and their families but to make substantial contributions to society. The essence of this idea is in the Dream Foundation source statement:

There is no place where our dreams have more power than when we face the reality that our lifetime is limited.

This is the place where we are able to find our highest purpose, our greatest satisfaction and our deepest peace.   

The appreciation of the limitations of life through adversity, and then overcoming it offers get promise.

Our greatest contribution to our beneficiaries is the satisfaction, fulfillment, grace and peace of mind that comes from having, and working towards the fulfillment of the beneficiaries audacious dream to impact humanity, life and the world. The Dream Foundation supports and empowers our beneficiaries, their families and friends along the path we follow toward fulfilling their Dream.

Our Beneficiaries’ Organisations
The Dream Foundation creates, or funds, and even hires staff for organisations created to fulfil our beneficiaries’ Dreams. These organisations include innovation enterprises, movements and global projects. Our beneficiaries are offered work in these organisations as the founder.

We expect some of these organisations to become self sufficient and then profitable and successful in business. The Dream Foundation role is as a guide to fulfil the purpose for which the organisations were created, and to support the our beneficiaries in their work inside the organisations they are the founders of.

Contribution Space
We give the opportunity for organisations, communities and individuals to contribute to our beneficiaries and invest in the future of humanity.

As our portfolio of Dream Foundation projects grows, we will embrace diverse communities such as the performing arts, wealthy individuals, as well as socially aware and responsible enterprises.

We seek to provide the opportunity for those with an abundance of resources to contribute to Dream Foundation by supporting the areas of interest that they truly care about, and wish to bring their passion to making a real difference.

We provide opportunity for individuals to contribute their mastery to the living systems of the Dream Foundation, which includes Foundation events and the activities of Dream projects.

Introducing some of our Dreamers, our Beneficiaries

About Chris Rourke

December, 2016, Sydney, Australia.

Chris Rourke is a fair dinkum Aussie character, whose numbers are diminishing. As such, Chris is a cultural blessing for his country.

During his working years Chris swung freely from the tree tops, in the suburbs, as a removalist of the those tall things that fall down and squash houses.

Chris is sixty seven years old, a carer of his forty two old son David, who unfortunately at the age of nineteen suffered significant brain damage in an accident. David has made substantial progress in recovery.

Through his caring for David, Chris saw an opportunity to make a difference to people of disability and became an inventor. He invented the Ezyline peg-less cloths line. This device brings a level of self sufficiency, dignity and ease to an every day part of life that is important to his customers. The device is being showcased in the US Recreational Vehicle show and Dream Foundation wishes Chris every success.

Chris is devising the next iteration of his idea which is to turn the line into an arch to support different, mobile inexpensive structures. Ideas include greenhouse construction, mosquito netting, emergency shelter, and a mobile transport system.

As an inventor Dream Foundation asked Chris “If there was one problem you could solve for the world, what would it be?”

Chris said “Having children make the difference to the future of our climate.”

That is, as the generation most impacted, children gaining the greatest say in the matter of the climate, in which they will spend the vast majority of their lives.

Chris pointed to the idea that our role as the intelligent species is one of guardians of life and the natural world rather than exploiters. Human beings causing extinction of species does not leave a worthwhile legacy to future generations.

About Carmen Barrera

December, 2016, Sydney, Australia.

Carmen Barrera is a humble and kind person of ninety five years in age.  She speaks little English and a whole lot of Spanish, especially with her daughter Martha who lives with her in Sydney’s North Shore. An Australian citizen originally from Tlanepantla, Estado de México, North of Mexico City, Carmen was part of a large family with lots of brothers, and two sisters.

At the age of four, she was thrilled to be sitting on the handlebars of the bike her older brother was riding, an adventuress at an early age. Later, she was told by her parents that girls didn’t do that kind of thing.  Undaunted, she found girls to have fun with at her school.

Carmen is a wonderful mother of six children, who are all successful. Her children live in the US, Canada, Chile and Australia. Carmen has four grandchildren. True to her adventurous spirit Carmen has lived in the US and Canada. Her sense of adventure reached Buckingham Palace through her interest in English history. She truly is a global citizen. From time to time her family reunites in different continents.

For 10 years Carmen operated a lodging in Cuernavaca (just south of Mexico City) for international university students; a place of nourishment and community. Decades later her students visited her here in Australia. Acclaimed by the students, the best thing in the lodging was Carmen’s wonderful Mexican home cooking. Rich with fabulous tastes and flavours.

When we asked Carmen, “What is your wish for students of today?”

Carmen said, “I want them to love their profession and appreciate their parents.”

Dream Foundation is exploring with Carmen ways to realise her Dream in the Education System, with the same spirit that brought nourishment to students and their families in the lodging many years ago.