Dream Origination – Chris Rourke

About Chris Rourke

December, 2016, Sydney, Australia.

Chris Rourke is a fair dinkum Aussie character, whose numbers are diminishing. As such, Chris is a cultural blessing for his country.

During his working years Chris swung freely from the tree tops, in the suburbs, as a removalist of the those tall things that fall down and squash houses.

Chris is sixty seven years old, a carer of his forty two old son David, who unfortunately at the age of nineteen suffered significant brain damage in an accident. David has made substantial progress in recovery.

Through his caring for David, Chris saw an opportunity to make a difference to people of disability and became an inventor. He invented the Ezyline peg-less cloths line. This device brings a level of self sufficiency, dignity and ease to an every day part of life that is important to his customers. The device is being showcased in the US Recreational Vehicle show and Dream Foundation wishes Chris every success.

Chris is devising the next iteration of his idea which is to turn the line into an arch to support different, mobile inexpensive structures. Ideas include greenhouse construction, mosquito netting, emergency shelter, and a mobile transport system.

How the Dream Was Born

As an inventor Dream Foundation asked Chris “If there was one problem you could solve for the world, what would it be?”

Chris said “Having children make the difference to the future of our climate.”

That is, as the generation most impacted, children gaining the greatest say in the matter of the climate, in which they will spend the vast majority of their lives.

Chris pointed to the idea that our role as the intelligent species is one of guardians of life and the natural world rather than exploiters. Human beings causing extinction of species does not leave a worthwhile legacy to future generations.

So Chris and Dream Foundation created the Dream

“Children Make the Difference to the Natural World”

CR Eastern Dragon

Image Credits: Chris Rourke and Dream Foundation

Picture to the right is Gaby and Gemma on the film shoot at Chris's home in Sydney.
Picture to the left is an Eastern Dragon Lizard who frequently visits Chris.


The spirit of Chris’ Dream

Empower children to wake us up, to lobby their parents and others about the impacts we are having on climate, life and the natural world.

Wake up sleepy head!

Kids Pictures 1


Children with their love of the natural world can lead us, to think of simple things the we are too blind to see and to imagine, and the wonderful that we are too cynical to believe.

“We are innate systems thinkers and children have amazing capability to do this”.
Peter Senge, Senior Lecturer – Leadership and Sustainability, MIT.
He is recognised as the strategist of the century for his work on systems thinking and learning organisations.

Kids Pictures 2


Children lead advocacy for nurturing the natural world in communities and through children’s organisations that they create themselves that are run by children for the benefit of humanity.

Kids Pictures 3