Space of Remarkable Contribution

The ultimate contribution Dream Foundation makes is to fulfil the Dreams our beneficiaries

Dream Foundation is a not for profit organisation with the intention to make a profound difference to the lives our dreamer beneficiaries, their families and their friends.

We facilitate participation in the projects our beneficaries create so the Dreamer and their community experience satisfaction and fulfilment form progress towards realisation of their Dream.

The Dream Foundation exists to impact the future of humanity, life and the world

We are an organisation of pure innovation and invention.  The fulfilment Dreams is the lasting presence of our beneficiaries unique contribution to humanity, given in a way that creates concrete, certain and lasting value.

Dreams are for all people and the outcome of Dream realisation is greater equity for all people.

Dream Foundation is an organisation for teams and networks of people and communities, to make a profound difference and for individuals to be looked after through their participation

Dream Foundation arose in a collaborative network of people who cared about others and the future, and the core organisational DNA is designed to nurture that spirit.


Contribution Space
Dream Foundation sees our communities in a contribution space.
A space of like-minded souls where:

  • The new emerges and mutually arises for the common good, as a living eco system
  • You can play, have fun, explore, inquire and discover with others in a social commons
  • You are looked after through connection, training, collaboration, co-operation and referral, not only around Dream Foundation projects, but in your personal lives

Dream Foundation offers a no cost, most parts of its CrowdFunding Rewards program (which is described below), and its formidable internal staff development program to its unpaid community organisers, who play a part-time role in project co-ordination and fund raising activities.

Dream Foundation is registered charity and you may choose to be a volunteer or an intern, depending what suits your career or personal interest.

We need your support
At the beginning, we are building grass roots support around our projects in different communities, and then seeking partnership with purpose aligned, socially and environmentally responsible organisations, to implement and realise the intentions of our Dreamers, in the process bringing equity to all people.

Our aim is to spread these projects planet wide, over time, as an orchestrator of humanities good will. Our systemic approach is connecting local communities in global movements, within new economic system designs, that feedback wealth into communities, with the intention of altering society and the destiny of human civilisation.

There is are spaces from individual to civilisation to spread the intention of our Dreamer’s projects. Without bridges from community into society at large and our civilisation as whole, our mission will fail.

You are that bridge, and we need absolutely need your support!!

Contribution Page - Circles Diagram

Contribution as the design to make the difference

Create, nurture and grow
At the heart of the matter, is the extraordinary culture, needed to shift the status quo, deal with the manifest denial in society, overcome vested interest, cause unity in the face of bigotry and bias. 

Create, nurture and grow, applies to an individual’s development, the building of high performance teams, and the coming together of communities. It is not a “feel good” game, it is about having real power.

Rather than feeling good (and we will at times), what truly matters is the empowerment and support from being comrades in arms, with the purpose of altering the future.  There is certain heartbreak, set backs and failures that are predictable in tackling wicked problems, the real world problems worth solving.

We see our grass roots work with people to support them to take on these large challenges as the most important thing to build an organisation and projects that live beyond life times.


Giving way Unique DNA of Dream Foundation

Dream Foundation is reliable for putting people in touch with their Dreams and for empowering people to have bold, audacious and unimagined Dreams that are richly alive and actionable. This impacts the community of our Dreamers, their family, friends and colleagues.

Dream Foundation is giving way this work in its reward program to it’s CrowdFunding donors, its volunteers, interns and staff to spread it. For the difference it makes to individuals and many communities.

We are also reliable for designing Dream projects and pulling together project teams to realise those projects and likewise it is giving this work away create, future and grow our community of contributions.

Spreading the work of global leaders of training and development

Dream Foundation’s internal staff training to work with Dreamers who can be facing issues of mortality and to tackle wicked problems was developed with some of the worlds leading practitioners of personal development, human communication and relationships training, and agile-lean-transformation-leadership trainers and coaches.

Dream Foundation also makes this work available to its volunteers, major contributors, interns as well as staff.

Further some of the core work of our leading global trainers and coaches is lead by them and given away in our Crowd Funding Rewards program, that is also given way to Dream Foundation staff, interns and volunteers.

Dream Foundation Crowd Funding Rewards Program

Crowd Funding Coaching Rewards Summary
Dream Foundation (Australia) has a unique Crowd Funding Rewards Program. Coaching is given that is normally not affordable for individuals, and some material is unique aggregated learnings from work inside many innovation organisations, and Dream Foundation itself. This work is democratised for the first time in this program.

The coaching sessions are lead by some of the worlds most accomplished coaches, trainers and program leaders.
The rewards program offers theme threads that offer progression to empower you to accomplish great things in your life.

Your Dreams

  • Dream Satisfaction — Gain empowering new experience of yourself from the Dreams already in your life
  • Dream Creation  — Bring your boldest or previously unimagined dreams to life (includes Dream Satisfaction)
  • Dream Team — Pull together an amazing team to fulfil your dream (includes Dream Creation)

Your Goals

  • Dream Smart — Create a SMART goal a Specific, Measurable, Achievable, Realistic and Targeted for an area where you have been stuck
  • Smart Goal Fulfilment — Get coaching support to fulfil your SMART Goal (Includes Dream Smart)

Your Life

  • Explore high performance coaching — Do a session with one of the world’s top personal and professional performance coaches
  • Dream Life — Discover your life’s purpose
  • Dream Relationship — New experiences and ways of relating you didn’t imagine were possible

Your Profession or Business

  • Dream Breakthrough  —  Gain a breakthrough in your business from a your choice of a team trust, leadership or business strategy
  • Dream Incantation — Thrive in chaos and disorder though Agile Leadership Patterns, Being Anti-Fragile and Systems Thinking


The Dream Foundation – Guide to Crowdfunding Coaching Rewards v1_00  is downloadable with details of the rewards and the program leaders.

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