Featured Project: “Children Make the Difference to the Natural World”

Children’s Development Program to Restore Humanities’ Love for the Natural World

In the video Gaby and Gemma speak about a unique children’s development program to restore humanities love for the natural world.

Gaby’s message
Humanity is devastating the natural world.  What I care about is being lost — animals, forests, clean water and air.

If we keep doing this, we will eventually make our planet barren for future generations. 
Adults, after you are gone, I and other children will not have the world we deserve.
Please wake up! Nurture rather than spoil our beautiful planet!
Your donation will allow me to work with other children in the program, to find our voices, so we are heard.

Gemma’s message
None of us wakes up and decides to act to extinguish all life.
These unintended social consequences are because we have lost our love for the natural world.

With children as caring, passionate, eloquent advocates for the nurture of local habitats, and new sustainable systems for local communities, we will build differently in villages, towns and cities, and alter destiny.

Our Children’s Development Program restores humanities’ innate love.

Dream Foundation Project – “Children make the difference to the natural world”

Our Children’s development program is part of the Dream of Chris Rourke who is a 67 year old authentic Australian character.
Read about Chris here

Children with their love of the natural world can lead us to think of simple things that we are too blind to see and to imagine, and the wonders that we are too cynical to believe. Chris’s idea is to empower children to wake us up, to lobby their parents, lead advocacy and form children’s organisations aimed at nurturing, (not spoiling) the natural world, and reversing the impacts we are having on climate, air, water, land and habitats and species everywhere.

Our program runs as a unique training and development for children to experience the love of nature in natural habitats, and learn the science, natural and human history of the habitat.  Then children then work with performing artists to become passionate eloquent advocates for the nurture, growth and sustainability of the natural world.

This is a self sustaining learning structure, as children pass on their learning, development and training to their children. Through the advocacy of children, embedding our love for the natural world as a guide, we will design, create value, and impact societies systems.

Project founders list

We deeply appreciate and acknowledge the support of the following people who supported the founding of the project through donations:

Denise Edwards
Martha Tellez
Ruth Iddon
Russell and Tracey Lowe
Chris Lowe
Jack Lowe
Alan and Donna Jacobson
Greg Taylor
Justin Wayne-Lowe
Jarrah Lowe
Kieran Lowe
Jill Storey
Jamie Crowley

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Founding supporting organisations

  • Dream Foundation is partnering ReadyFundGo a crowdfunding platform for business and innovation to raise funds.
  • We are supported by the filmmaker CreativeCreations.tv who made the video on this page.