Earth Story

Earth Story

Earth Story is a not-for-profit volunteer-run organisation, founded by Greg Taylor who works closely with indigenous Elders and environmental conservation specialists to develop and rejuvenate endemic ecosystems within school grounds and the broader community.

Learn-scapes and yarning circles are included within these restorations.  Where possible the work involved is undertaken by the local children and community, under supervision and guidance of trained volunteers/specialises. Earth Story then coordinates indigenous Elders and environmental experts to visit the developed sites and share their knowledge of the ecosystems – conservation information, dreamtime stories, traditional uses, local season indications and general environmental knowledge.

Dream Foundation Australia helps with the facilitation of the business aspect of Earth Story, including financial, legal, communications and leadership support.

Earth Story in West Pymble Public School

At the beginning of 2018, the Earth Story’s pilot project was launched in West Pymble Public School by founder Greg Taylor, with strong support of the principal and P&C.

Surveys, site assessments and approvals from experts have been done for a 100 square meter ecosystem restoration. A dry creek bed will be established to allow the natural flow of water.  Native edible and medicinal gardens will surround the creek bed, mitigating storm water runoff and re-directing water to the native gardens.

An indigenous yarning circle and out education area will be created for the children as a place to go to experience harmony and peace.

At the time of writing the plan for the first P&C project workday is being finalised. A number of natives will be planted by children in the after care area in the near future.