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Case for action – Nurture, don’t spoil the natural world

Dream Foundation is authoring a case for action, which is aimed at accessing the state of nature’s large scale systems, and the futures humanity faces from the state of the natural world. There is an imperative to act, as these are futures that nobody wants.

Message from Chris Rourke, Dream Creator

"As a recently evolved species, we sadly seem in a rush to devise our very own demise, along with thousands of other superb and uniquely evolved creatures, which give, by their very presence, such beauty to the planet and its’ evolution. 

Even those who cannot agree with the term evolution are nonetheless bound by the immutable laws of physics which see us all going cold over time. But it need not be a race. We therefore call upon other living, thinking beings to consider a best path to a better outcome for our species, and we hope to encourage others to walk the same journey."   

Chris Rourke, Creator of the Dream "Children make the difference to the natural world" Sydney - May,2017

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As a species, humans have lost our love for the natural world.

Our industrial output is damaging earth’s eco systems to such an extent that extinction of all life has become all but inevitable.

Despite the actions of those who wholeheartedly care, we have a set of “wicked”, intractable problems, and we spiral towards futures that nobody wants.

We make the case that global restoration of our love for nature is imperative, so we nurture rather than than spoil our planet.

We are able to do this by including designs for large natural habitats into our towns and cities, being innovative about agriculture (go vertical), and national infrastructure, to place natural ecosystems as the core part of the structure of human civilisation.


Global Community Review Request  

This living document is in draft as a readonly powerpoint, that has been broken into different sections.
We hope the reference and source links in the document, will be valuable to readers.

The case for action is designed to evolve with the Children Make the Difference to the Natural World Project as the state of our planet changes and our scientists learn more, and we take actions to create a world worth living in.

We deeply appreciate your insights, comments, and corrections in any contribution you wish to make to this work.

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Image Credits:  Michael Mann - Penn State, United Nations Food and Agriculture Organisation, Vostok ice core data - J.R. Petit et al - NOAA, NASA.