For Our Dreamers


Our promise to our dreamer beneficaries

The Dream Foundation exists to fulfil the Dreams of our Dreamers, who are our beneficiaries.

Our promise
We promise to leave our beneficiaries with the experience of respect, grace, and peace of mind as the fulfillment of their Dream is in safe hands.

In the beginning, a sacred space

Our journey with our Dreamer begins with the creation of an authentic relationship, a sacred space that allows the creation of a legacy, a gift from a single human life, from a place of adversity.

We revere our Dreamers as we work with them so they find self-sufficiency, self-respect in their lives and then to go on explore and elaborate their boldest dream.  We see for our Dreamers, the state of highest self-expression for a human being, the place where our Dreamers are able to find their highest purpose, their greatest satisfaction and their deepest peace.

They give of themselves and find the grace that transcends to live on as their dream impacting the future for humanity, life and the world.

We pay meticulous attention to the experience our Dreamers are having in the moment, and what they are left with. In elaborating their Dreams, we ensure that our Dreamers have the satisfaction of knowing that their Dream will be fulfilled.

The journey taken together
Our Dreamers work with us to design the process of the living system that will fulfill their Dream.

We share the creation of the innovative organisation, movement or project that arises from their Dream. Our Dreamers work with remarkable and talented people who are inspired to fulfill the Dream, and see progress towards realisation.

Beyond mere thoughts, our Dreamers will get the opportunity to experience their Dreams as grace, peace of mind, and empowerment in their lives.

If we part ways
There may come a time when our Dreamers reach the end of this life. We will be there for them, as little or as much as they and their family wish, with compassion and sensitivity, to represent our Dreamers gift to the world.

Part One – Working with our dreamer beneficiaries

Dreamers and Dream Foundation

Dream Foundation exists to fulfill the Dreams of our Dreamers.
These Dreams would not otherwise be realised and so would be lost to mankind.

Dream Foundation serves people who, from adversity, have the audacity to dream so large as to impact the future of humanity.

They find their highest purpose, greatest satisfaction and deepest peace through their Dream being fulfilled for future generations.

Our contribution is working with reverence, with our Dreamer beneficiaries, and their families, friends and colleagues in the journey from adversity, self-sufficiency and self respect. From there the conception, nurturing, elaboration and realisation of the great idea that is our dreamer’s gift for humanity.

We leave our dreamers with the experience of respect, grace, and peace of mind that fulfillment of their Dream is in safe hands.

Essential Criteria

In summary, our essential criteria to be a beneficiary are:

  • The person or their family, is in a state of poverty, destitution, suffering or misfortune
  • Dream Foundation is able to work collaboratively with our beneficiary, their family, friends and colleagues , to provide beneficial relief to gain self sufficiency and self respect.
  • Later, the family, friends and colleagues of the beneficiary, share the commitment to the fulfillment of the beneficiaries’ Dream.
  • And after that the beneficiary agrees that their Dream is for all people.

Beneficiary outreach program

At the time of writing, June 2017, Dream Foundation is not able to take on more beneficiaries, and has a backlog of beneficiaries it has previously accepted. We plan to open our programs, beginning H2 2017.

Dream Foundation has three ways to for a person to apply for beneficial relief:

  • Referral by friends and family members, planned to reopen in Q3, 2017
  • Our another chance outreach program, planned to begin the later half of 2017
  • Our poverty outreach program, planned to begin in 2018

We may not be able to work with all people who are referred to us, and will pay attention to bring compassion, respect and do our utmost to find other organisations who are able to bring support to those referred to us. We pay particular care to leaving people with peace of mind, and a sense of empowerment through interacting with us, even when we are not able to work with them in later stages of Dream creation, after providing support towards self sufficiency and self respect in the face of the beneficiaries adverse circumstances of poverty, destitution, suffering or misfortune.

Our dreamer referral guide, is for when our beneficiaries are self sufficient enough to create a bold dream and is downloadble here:

Dream Foundation – Dreamer Referral Guide – V_04

Other guides will be published when our outreach programs are (re)opened.

Part Two – Dreams for all people

About Dreams and their Fulfilment

We are born and we die, yet through the realisation of our boldest dreams we reach out beyond our lifetime to give ourselves those who live on and to future generations. The lasting presence of our unique contribution to humanity, given in a way that creates concrete, certain and lasting value.

Dream Foundation creates living organisational structures to fulfill the Dreams of our Dreamers that are designed to make significant contributions to mankind that would otherwise have been lost, or  not happen in the absence of our intervention.

These structures may take the form of an innovative enterprise, a movement, or a project. We are mindful to choose the appropriate structure to fulfill our dreamer’s intention.

Becoming a Dream of Dream Foundation

In our work to bring self-sufficiency and self respect to our beneficiaries who have adversity, we will offer the opportunity for the beneficiary to become a Dreamer of Dream Foundation.

Dream Foundation will conduct professional, independent, due diligence on the beneficiaries’ proposed Dream to see if it fits the essential Dream qualifying criteria. Our staff and contributors conducting the assessments are highly experienced and globally qualified in organisational development, innovation and business leadership.

We work with each beneficiary personally, and with respect, let them know the outcome of our assessment.  A person’s Dreams are important and cherished, and although we may not be able to proceed with all applicants, we take great care to leave our beneficiaries with the experience of being valued, appreciated and empowered to do what is next for them.

For successful applicants, we begin a journey that transcends lifetimes.

universe in hands

Qualifying criteria for Client Dreams

In summary, our essential criteria are:

  • The Dream makes a significant difference to the future of mankind.
  • The Dream is a new creation, an innovation or invention that has not been seen before, and is not a copy of something already existing.
  • The Dream will not happen without our intervention. Meaning, that it is very unlikely to happen by imaginable pathways such as venture capital, acquisition, crowd funding and so on.

Part Three – Guidance for Dreams

This section is provided as guidance for potential applicants, and Dream Foundation may adjust this guidance in the future as we discover more effective ways of communicating and operating.

Benefiting all People

Dream Outcomes are always peaceful, conducive to freedom, respect and equity for all people.

So we specifically draw attention to outcomes that might happen in business that Dream Foundation will not allow in Dream Organisations.

The bottom line here is that everyone benefits from innovation of fulfilled Dreams. Further, the benefit goes a significant way to addressing current inequity, be it global, regional, national or local.

For enterprises this requires that some profits that would normally go to shareholders and owners, are directly applied to making a real difference in global availability and affordability for socially disadvantaged people.


Examples of Dream Assessment

The range of possible Dream Foundation Dreams is infinite and the impacts unimaginable. We will take each Dream and consider them on a case by case basis as holistic systems thinkers.

Here are some hypothetical, examples of how we might apply our essential criteria. We make no statement as to whether we believe the outcome is possible, the examples are simply given as a guide to our assessment criteria and would be subject to a full due diligence, by appropriate experts various fields in practice.

  1. A Dream to build a spaceship to travel to the Andromeda Galaxy
    The Dream Foundation would not be likely to take on this Dream as it would most probably not pass a scientific due diligence and cost effectiveness test. However if there were indications in physics that faster than light travel was not impossible, and there were no existing projects we might take on the Dream as a movement or research project for science, rather than an engineering effort.
  2. Fintech innovation Dream
    As there are many venture capital and private equity pathways we would not consider these Dreams except if there was systemic disruption. For instance, if  the impacts could be greater equity and social justice for all people. We could very well create an innovation organisation whose mission was to place these outcomes above profit for shareholders, although significant profit would be possible.
  3. Converting lead to gold
    Even if this were possible it would not pass the benefits to all people test. Also systemically this might also make gold much less valuable and give no systemic benefit.
  4. A Dream to restore a fishery in a third world country
    Where no one is interested in the idea, Dream Foundation would seek to work with the Dreamer to not only achieve this outcome, but to able to repeat it at scale all over the planet  to impact the fate of entire fish species. We would aim to collaborate with existing fishery restoration projects to create a global endeavor and go on to create new funding mechanisms, widespread community support, sustainable market economy and consumer education for sustainability. As systems thinkers we might seek to empower the people who first benefited to be global ambassadors for the idea, and bring prosperity to their village and region, and work with our Dreamers to scale and spread that idea.
  5.  Addressing domestic violence
    In a city where no one is interested in the idea, similar to the above, the Dream Foundation would seek to work with the Dream to scale the idea globally through movements and projects and bring other systemic benefits to people.
  6. Restoring a language whose speakers were few
    We see cultural heritage as enriching all of civilisation and could take this on as a education project or a movement.
  7. Global ideas that address universal human needs
    These are definitely candidates. If there was an existing project, e.g. the Hunger Project we would not take on the Dream but rather connect and empower the Dreamer with the existing project.
  8. Quantum teleportation
    There are existing research projects that have achieved instantaneous information transfer and we therefore would not take this on. However, projects or future enterprises that apply this technology to benefit humanity, and prevent harm would be considered.

Do no Harm

Dream Foundation will not allow Dream Outcomes that:

  • Directly cause harm
    e.g. A Dream innovation is weaponized
    e.g. A community’s well being is damaged
  • Produce social inequity
    e.g. Shareholders and investors benefit much more than everyone else
    e.g. Products are only available in the first world
  • Make monopoly profits
    e.g. Pricing as high as the market will bear
    e.g. The cost of essential or life saving products or service are not lowered
  • Are discriminatory
    e.g. Minority groups are disadvantaged
    e.g  Access to products/services is dependent on wealth, race, religion…
  • Cause collateral damage
    e.g. Large scale net job loss from innovative disruption
    e.g. Unmanaged toxic waste from obsolete devices
  • Cause environmental degradation
    All cases of gaining short term advantage that damages the longer term future of any community, such as increasing background radiation, polluting water supplies, spreading toxic waste…
  • Cause resource depletion
    All cases of gaining short term advantage that damages the longer term future of society, such as hunting species to extinction or emptying aquifers

These criteria will be assessed and applied during due diligence and in an ongoing way as part of governance of Dream organisations that Dream Foundation creates.

Dream Foundation views Dreams holistically and systemically. Part of our innovation role is to work in a multi-disciplined fashion with thought leaders in the sciences, arts and humanities to gather what is great in new ideas and, if possible evolve Dreams so that the undesirable impacts above do not arise.

Strategic Filter

Dream Foundation formalised these notions into a strategic filter and also took account of our capabilities.

The strategic filter gives us guidance in which projects we are not able to take on. We reserve to right to accept or decline projects in the cases of circumstances outside the assumptions in our filter.

We have provided this material as a service to the community, and its not for profit use is welcomed.

Dream Foundation – Dream Strategic Filter V0_08