The Grand Treasure Hunt – Terms and Conditions

Dream Foundation Australia Ltd

The Grand Treasure Hunt -Terms and Conditions

  1. All participants must wear a Grand Treasure Hunt Armband, which will be distributed at the beginning of the Hunt
  1. Anyone under the age of 18 must be accompanied to the event by an adult.
  1. Grand Treasure Hunt entry tickets may only be purchased by persons 18 years and over who are the parent, legal guardian or person responsible for the child(ren) entering the Hunt (the “Responsible Person”).
  1. Children under the age of 5 years old may enter for free and a Responsible Person must accompany any children under the age of 5 years old, every participant must wear a Grand Treasure Hunt Armband.
  1. If the Grand Treasure Hunt is cancelled due to flood, cyclone, torrential rains or other Acts of God conditions, tickets will not be refunded and instead will be re-issued with a ticket of the same value to the Grand Treasure Hunt on another date.
  1. Ticket holders who are unable to attend the event, may send a replacement participant in their place and must abide by the terms and conditions as published on the Dream Foundation Australia Ltd’s Website.
  1. Certain laws provide non-excludable statutory guarantees, conditions or warranties for the supply of certain goods or services. Nothing in these Terms and Conditions is to be taken to exclude, restrict or modify any guarantee, condition or warranty that Dream Foundation Australia Ltd ABN 53 605 527 286is prohibited by law from excluding restricting or modifying. If such a statutory guarantee applies to this agreement and Dream Foundation Australia Ltd breaches it, Dream Foundation Australia Ltd accepts liability for such breach. All other warranties or representations are excluded.
  1. By purchasing the entry ticket for the child(ren) under their care, the Responsible Person acknowledges and agrees that by allowing the child(ren) to participate in the Grand Treasure Hunt:

I.  Subject to Dream Foundation Australia Ltd’s statutory obligations, they accept risk and liability which may result from such participation including without limitation injury to the child(ren);

II. To the extent permitted by law, and subject to Dream Foundation Australia Ltd’s statutory obligations, Dream Foundation Australia Ltd will not be liable to them in contract, statute, tort (including negligence) or otherwise for any loss, cost, expense, injury or damage howsoever arising (including from negligence) as a result of the participation of the child(ren) in the Grand Treasure Hunt;

III. They consent to the child(ren) receiving any urgent medical treatment that a qualified medical authority in attendance at the Grand Treasure Hunt may deem necessary and appropriate in the event that the Responsible Person cannot be located;

IV. They consent to the use by Dream Foundation Australia Ltd’s of the image or photograph of the child(ren) for event promotional purposes before, during or after the Hunt;

V. They accept full responsibility for the safety and the personal possessions of themselves and the child(ren) participating in the Hunt; and

VI. They shall procure the child(ren) under their care, to abide by all rules and directions issued on the day of the Grand Treasure Hunt by Dream Foundation Australia Ltd and/or the organisers of the Grand Treasure Hunt.

By Purchasing a ticket for a child or yourself to participate in this event, you acknowledge that you accept the event terms and conditions that are published on the Dream Foundation website and on the Humanitix website.